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Phi Theta Kappa at Southern Maine Community College

Bottles for Seattle Project!!

Posted by alphachinu on March 20, 2006

We decided to step up our bottle collecting efforts to allow our delegates to attend the International Convention today at our officers meeting. We currently have a small fund from this activity and need more funds. We are breaking the school into territories so that four of the officers can cover the entire school. We are doing this to reduce the burden on the one officer who had been collecting the bottles. Thank you, Aimee!
For those of you not in a state that redeems bottles, the process and purpose is like this. When soda, alcohol, or other drinks are purchased the state collects a five or 15 cent fee on each bottle. So, a six-pack of soda is $.30 redemption fee. And, a bottle of wine or liquor is $.15. The money is returned to the ones who turn in the collected bottles. The main purpose is to reduce litter. A secondary purpose for the state is to collect a tax/fee without really taxing the populous because the money is returned. The state, I imagine, gets interest on any money in the account, and hopes that not all bottles are redeemed. For school groups, individuals, and others, it is a great fundraising method because it is easy. Grocery stores, convenience stores and bottle redemption centers all accept empties in exchange for money. Some places even give a little incentive if you’ve pre-counted and cleaned the bottles. Sometimes grocery stores have barrels set-up for people to donate bottles and the redemption slips to schools for various field trips.

Please donate to us when you see a bottle collection box for Phi Theta Kappa or Alpha Chi Nu on campus. I will post a list of the collection locations within a week. We really appreciate your help. Thank you!

Jennifer Cragen
Public Relations Secretary


One Response to “Bottles for Seattle Project!!”

  1. JC said

    If there are any bottles to be collected from Hague, Preble, Campus Center, or the Tech Building, let me know.

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