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Phi Theta Kappa at Southern Maine Community College

Saturday Convention Adventures

Posted by alphachinu on March 21, 2006

After the Awards Banquet on Saturday, March 18, we had some free time while dancing was scheduled. There was a small crowd to begin with; so, I went downstairs to the lobby. There I hooked up with Kristen and her chapter’s delegates. They were going to watch a friend’s band play at The Middle East in Boston.

We got on the T just outside the hotel. We went to the next stop and walked for miles to the club where their friend was playing. We went in one door and had to go out the building and around to the side entrance. When we got there, the door was locked and a sign listed the bands playing. Their friend’s band was not on the list. 😦 But, we had fun going through the town.

Usually, I don’t like to do new things. However, I enjoyed myself and met new, great people. Melissa, Nina Marie, Johana, Greg, Carly and Kumar, thank you for the wonderful adventure. 😉 If I misspelled any names, I do apologize.

When we got back to the hotel, we went up to the dance area. There was still a small group dancing. This time we went in and had fun seeing the guys have a dance contest. There was an amazing guy who did the most professional looking breakdancing I’ve ever seen. Totally sweet!

After the dancing, which I loved,my chapter members showed up. The girls wanted to go get something to eat. We asked at the front desk about restuarants that were still open. The desk clerk told us about a restuarant six or seven city blocks down the road. We decided we could hike it and set out. Aimee was wearing a thin shirt and she gave Vi piggy back rides to keep warm. It was fun. My feet were tired, so I felt like a mom with three energetic children whom I was letting run wild. We got about seven blocks away from the hotel and didn’t see the restuarant. We did see a 7-11 and got food there. On the way back to the hotel, I ate my ice cream candy bar even though it was freezing. I fell behind the girls and shouted to them, “Go on to the hotel. I’ll make it, just slower.” They continued on to the hotel. I wasn’t worried as the hike was a straight shot between the hotel and the 7-11. A guy with a backpack got between us, but he looked like a student and didn’t seem to notice me. I figured I would yell at him in a crazy way if he turned around and came towards me. But, my figuring was for nothing. Aimee, Krissi, and Vi were waiting for me when I got to the hotel. They were happy to see me. 🙂

 And that is the end of my Saturday Convention Adventures. Good night to all!

Jennifer Cragen
Public Relations Secretary


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