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Jennifer Rogers’ Regional Presentation

Posted by alphachinu on April 14, 2006

Jennifer Rogers, Director of Honors Programs, from Jackson, MS, introduced the new International Honors Topic for the 2006-2008 school years. The Prgram Guide will be available at International and the Resource Packets will be available online after the Convention.

Ms. Rogers started her presentation by asking the audience to envision power and jot down or draw what came to mind. I drew a picture of a tank, representing military might of the US. I also wrote strength, control, empowerment, guys in power suits (Men In Black style). After giving the audience a few moments, Ms. Rogers opened the floor by asking what had been written. The audience members called out a variety of ideas: power shot, teach, help, serve, pen, light bulb, leadership, influence, knowledge, music, and lightening. Ms. Rogers then told the audience her list: God, President, Hurricanes, weapons, and money.

Ms. Rogers continued to discuss power and its connotations. The dictionary defines power as the ability to act or produce an effect. Max Weber, a German sociologist, defined power as the ability to impose own will on others — coercion. Niche, the German philosopher, defined power as the need to weild and use power to dominate others. Adler, a psychologist, stated power comes from one's own weaknesses — inferiority complex. Stephen Lukes said everything involves power. Alvin Toeffler, in the book POWER SHIFT, looks at power as it has changed from might to wealth to knowledge. As one deepens theirunderstanding of power, one defines power in more complex ways.

Ms. Rogers continued her discussion by describing how the honors topic is chosen. Every two years, a meeting is held to determine the topic and rate suggested topics on the following criteria:

  • Interdisciplinary
  • International
  • Issue Oriented
  • In the News
  • Important
  • Interesting

The discussions some of us had regarding power were at the same time uplifting and depressing because while much has been done, there is much left to be done. I know we will make great strides in equality for all within my lifetime.

Jennifer Cragen
Public Relations Secretary


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