Alpha Chi Nu Chapter

Phi Theta Kappa at Southern Maine Community College

Seattle’s Green!!

Posted by alphachinu on April 18, 2006

We arrived in Seattle very, very early last night and even at night we were amazed at how green everything is.

Maine is still coming out of a dry winter and just starting to turn green. Here trees are blossoming, grass is tall, and the variety of plants and trees is simply amazing. I just read the title of this post while composing my thoughts and think I've figured out why International is happening here, specifically. Seattle is green, a healthy environment is green, a heathy environment is diverse, and Seattle has all of that in a modern, bustling city. Not to mention, Seattle is home to many First American tribes and has a rich and varied history of diverse immigrants comingling with the ones found here. Simply, amazing!!

Some of the chapter decided to come on our own to sight see for a few days before the convention, and so far we have visited the Experience Music Project, the Space Needle, the Science Fiction Museum, and the International District. Some of us even saw an escalator for shopping carts at a Target store with two stories. It was neat and reminded me of a cog rail system. Today, some of us are going to explore the Pike Place Market area. We are having a blast and pictures will be up soon!

Jennifer Cragen
Public Relations Secretary

Dragon on Lightpost in International District

Just a taste of what's to come!


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