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Earth Day Revisited

Posted by alphachinu on May 1, 2006

Ben, Jessica, and myself participated in the Willard Neighborhood Association, Beach Clean Up Day, along with other students from Southern Maine Community College, a few staff members of the college, and a few of our friends.

Our group collected one huge bag of trash and debris. There was a lot of cigarette butts and bits of styrofoam. Neither of which are nice on the beach. The styrofoam was hard to pickup because it kept breaking into littler pieces, making it hard to grab and hard to see. There was also a lot of broken plastic toys. The bits of red, blue, and yellow were easy to see against the soft tan of the sand.

I saw my first skeleton that was in its natural setting. Other skeletons I'v seen have all been made-up, either in a museum or on tv. I was amazed at how the bones were still connected and were easily identifyable as a particular animal. A bird had died; and, the bones were bleached and brittle, lying in the grass above the high tideline.

I vowed to use less styrofoam than I already do. I know that styrofoam won't go away; and, I don't want others cleaning up after me in ten or twenty years.

Jennifer Cragen
Public Relations Secretary


One Response to “Earth Day Revisited”

  1. Alane said

    Hello, and thanks for the comment. I’m still in the process of importing and categorizing my old entries from Blogger, but the one about crocheted coral reefs is here. Basically, a bunch of mathematically-minded crochet enthusiasts are crocheting soft sculptures of corals, anemones, and other reef denizens using mathematical models. It’s pretty cool stuff, and very pretty.

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