Alpha Chi Nu Chapter

Phi Theta Kappa at Southern Maine Community College

Simple Survey

Posted by alphachinu on May 2, 2006

What kind of projects are you involved in currently? 

What kind of projects would you like to see the chapter involved in next year?

When you think of power what do you picture?

What does your best chapter look like? How does it run? How often are you contacted? Give a specific description of your ideal chapter.

Please share your answers to these questions with others on the blog by leaving a comment. For those of you from other chapters, please share your thoughts with your home chapter.

Jennifer Cragen
Public Relations Secretary


One Response to “Simple Survey”

  1. JC said

    Projects I’m currently involved in include: helping my neighbor as she recovers from knee surgery, Walk America, Project Graduation, working on the executive board of Alpha Chi Nu, and trying to finish school projects and study for finals without losing my sanity.

    Projects I would like to see the chapter involved in next year would continue to make an impact on the local level for our students. Some ideas are: a regular meeting to discuss power in our lives and society, a local Case Study Challenge, a monthly leadership series, an essay contest regarding power and Maine, and a holiday sharing of beliefs from different religions and secular beliefs. Additionally, I’d like the chapter to continue the established projects of the Inductions, Walk America, Relay for Life, Thanksgiving Giving Baskets, and the Giving Tree.

    When I think of power, the first things I think of are an Army tank and lightening duing an intense storm. I also think of my mom surviving serious health stuff and still having a happy and generous spirit. I also think of my aunt staying with her husband because she knew her children needed them both and needed them together. I think of my friend trying to figure out her power regarding being discriminated against. I think of my own power to say NO to stuff I don’t like. I think of the power of media, music and television, related to what children who are lonely or bored do. I think of lots of things. I think of the feelings my partner brings me by her presence. I think of the power my neice has to make me quiet with amazement at what her young brain understands about computers and what that means for the future of humans.

    To me the best chapter is vital: vital to the students it serves, vital to the greater community of the school that hosts it, and vital to the community it is in. The surrounding people should be better for having been involved in the chapter rather than downtrodden or oppressed by the chapter. Specifically, the chapter makes a measureable difference. X number of bags of debris collected from the beach, X number of students served by a service project, and X number of community members directly served by the chapter. The best chapter also has a working relationship with the administration of the college. The school President knows by name each member of the executive board. The school and the chapter have formed a symbiotic, effecient, flow relationship that gets work done with a high degree of satisfaction on the part of all involved.


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