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Leadership Presentation at Regional Convention

Posted by alphachinu on March 23, 2006

I had the chance to sit with Vi and find out what the Leadership Presentation was all about at the New England Regional Convention.

First, thank you for your time and for sharing the information Vi.

The leadership presentation was really more of a discussion about the various aspects of leadership. The most important point was being honest with yourself. If you are honest about your strengths and weaknesses you will be better able to delegate activities to your members. For example, I am good at publicity, but terrible at cooking. If I were to try making items for the bake sale, we'd have to pay the customers to eat the food and therefore lose money.  🙂
Servant leadership is a buzzword that is strong in the business and retail communities. However, when actively applied means understanding the importance of sharing activities and responsibility with others. In addition, servant leaders understand that they do not own anything or anyone. Servant leaders try to figure out how to make it easy for their members and employees to be involved. For example, instead of saying, "Turn to page 233, in Thinking, and tell me what you think about the persuasive speech outline. " My teacher had the class develop an outline on our own, incorporating the ideas of all members of the class, and then compared what we produced to what was shown on page 233. We did a pretty good job and the teacher was a servant leader by not owning the subject of the speech, the order of items, or any part of the process.

Again, thank you Vi for sharing with me about what you learned in the Leadership Presentation at Regional Convention.

Jennifer Cragen
Public Relations Secretary


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