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Super Charging Your Chapter

Posted by alphachinu on April 17, 2006

Motivated members, volunteers, colege administration, and communities lead to more trust in your chapter and more people who want to be involved.

The moderators of this forum at the New England Regional Convention split the attendees into three groups. One group to brainstorm ideas for increasing motivation among current members. One group to generate ideas for a meeting with a college president to convince the president to continue supporting the chapter despite lackluster performance. And the final group to compile a list of methods to excite members and increase participation.

The first group brainstormed the following ideas to increase motivation:

  • host an event/fundraiser: dance, party, bake sale, pop-culture night, etc.
  • work with other groups like the Senate, Gay Straight Alliance, Environmental Club, or other student organizations to co-sponsor events and share advertising
  • host a Faculty/Staff Tea, generates faculty/staff support
  • host a Faculty/Staff Appreciation Day, baked goods and handmade cards delivered to each mailbox on campus
  • Induction ideas included:
    • APB-All Points Bulletine- before Induction to faculty/staff to congratulate prospective Inductees on their hard work
    • ask Inductees to list influential teachers/staff members to be invited by the chapter to Induction
    • ask the college President to speak at Induction
    • Induct an Honorary Member at each Induction from the community who has shown much support for the chapter
  • write a monthly article in the school paper
  • post flyers and banners when advertising
  • give brochures to counseling department at area high schools, New Student Orientation, and to College Fairs department
  • to get support for regional activities, focus on local areas to get the support needed to send members to regional or international events

The second group generated the following ideas to convince the college administration to continue supporting the chapter:

  • use peer pressure
    • explain plan of action to advisor and get feedback
    • petition Senate and Students to prevent losing funding
    • petition to Student Senate President to get support
  • President Presentation
    • calendar of events
    • show petition signatures
    • show other examples of support

The third group listed the following ideas to excite members and increase participation:

  • survey the members regarding
    • best meeting times
    • learn their interests to match with specific tasks
    • learn their time constraints and respect them
  • vary types of meetings
    • workers usually can't meet during the day
    • give Inductees flyer with prospective meeting times
    • speak to students before classes
    • yahoo! groups is a good tool for meeting
  • share ideas with other colleges' chapters
  • fellowship through service by joining with another chapter to work on projects

This list of ideas is just what we came up with in one and a half hours. Just imagine the possible results for your chapter of implementing some of these ideas. Use this list as a starting point and go where you need to go from it.

Jennifer Cragen
Public Relations Secretary


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